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#49 Will you still need GA360 in a GA4 world? The Measure Pod

This week Dan and Dara chat about assessing the need for Google Analytics 360 in a GA4 world. Do you need 360? Should you still continue with 360 if you already have it for UA? Will you need to go to 360 with GA4? These are the questions that they assess and chat though, and more! The Measure Pod episode #6 – (or just look in your podcast player that you're in now) The Google page detailing the limit differences with GA4 and GA4-360 – The Google page detailing the 1 million events per day limit for the BigQuery export – Dan's posts on GA4 and GTM in Unity for app development – In other news, Dan is teaching skating and dara is back to Netflix! Follow Measurelab on LinkedIn for all the latest podcast episodes, analytics resources and industry news at Intro music composed by the amazing Confidential (Spotify If you're liking the show, please show some support and leave a rating on Spotify. If you have some feedback or a suggestion for Dan and Dara, fill in the form to let them know. Alternatively, you can email to drop them a message. Full show notes and transcript over at The post #49 Will you still need GA360 in a GA4 world? appeared first on Measurelab.
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