Welcome to Danalytics.

Hello, my name is Daniel Perry-Reed and I have been working in analytics for 10+ years and with Google Analytics 4 since day 1. This is a place when I share news, updates and resources all around Google Analytics 4.

(I know, I know, it’s not the most inventive name. I’m an analytics guy, not a marketer.)

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Recent posts:

Changing a GA4 Data Stream name

You would think changing a Data Stream’s name in Google Analytics 4 would be simple right?! Wrong! This post will show you how do it using the Admin API – the only way to currently do it.

Explaining the various GA4 event types

Although Google Analytics 4 is event-based, there are a lot of different types of events to think about when it comes to actually implementing them. This post covers all the different event types in GA4, and where and when they should be used.

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics!

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics as well as all previous versions of Google Analytics! 1st July 2023 is the date it’ll stop working, so make sure you have everything set up in Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible.


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