Brighton Data Forum May 2022: GA4 machine learning made easy?

My talk at Brighton Data Forum in May 2022 is all about the the machine learning models Google Analytics 4 has and offer for free. Is that a good or bad thing? Here are the slides that I presented.

On 25th May 2022 I gave a talk at Brighton Data Forum, a local data meet up in Brighton, U.K. My talk is titled “GA4: machine learning made easy?” in which I tried to address if the focus on machine learning in GA4 is really a good or a bad thing for us all.

As what has become somewhat customary, I crowbarred an analogy throughout the presentation of something I know and love so that I’m not just presenting slide after slide on GA and data which can be a tad dry… (my last presentation used the Marvel Cinematic Universe). This time I went with one of my favourite things – Star Trek! More specifically, thinking about W.W.R.D. (What Would Riker Do) – something we can all do a little more of in my most humble opinion! 🖖

Any who knows me well knows that I love Star Trek, and even have a few Star Trek theme tattoos… In case you wanted proof of my fandom (not the tattoos), here is me loving life at the 2016 Destination Star Trek convention in Birmingham in my best attempt at a TNG Commander outfit:

Daniel Perry-Reed at a Star Trek convention at Birmingham in 2016

Below is the full video of the presentation, and click the button below for the direct link to the Google Slides.


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