MeasureFest April 2022: The role of GA in the future MarTech stack

My talk at MeasureFest in April 2022 is all about the future of Google Analytics, here are the slide on what I have predicted.

6th April 2022 @ 10:00 I gave a talk at MeasureFest, a brightonSEO fringe event in Brighton, U.K. My talk is titled “the role of Google Analytics in the future MarTech stack” – which doesn’t sound sexy or glamourous, I know.

So instead, I crowbarred an analogy of the Google marketing stack to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ran with that!

Full video recording is available to watch on Vimeo via the button below.

Below is the full presentation, or click the button below if that doesn’t work for the direct link to the Google Slides.


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